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left to right?!

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  • left to right?!


    I was making my welding cart tonight, and for some strange reason I tried welding from left to turned out really well, because I had my hand planted on my work so it was really steady.

    using flux core currently (until the spool is spent). anyone have any input whatsoever on this?
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    Nothing at all wrong with going either way. In fact I would say that will help you in the long run. I'm left handed so its more comfortable for me to weld right to left. Many times I find myself in a position to weld left to right. Sometimes there just no other way I always suggest to people once they are comfortable welding the way thats most comfortable practice what is most uncomfortable you'll be a better welder in the long run.


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      being steady and comfortable is the key ...other than that your right handed and was pulling the puddle get that mail about the puter tools????
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        but technically I wasn't really pulling the puddle...not sure what I was doing really...but the weld looked good for once.

        were you saying you sent me an em9ail with a computer question? It didn't make it to can send me an email directly at [email protected] and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.
        I don't know welding. I know computers. Got computer problems?


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          You actually should be dragging the weld when using a self sheilded flux cored wire, the old rule of thumb is "if there is slag you drag". Now as with any rule there are a few exceptions but from the sound of what you are doing you should be dragging.

          When you switch to a steel hard wire with a sheilding gas you can either push or drag the weld.

          When mig welding aluminum you should always push the weld.

          I hope this helps....


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