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Anybody got some FSW experience?

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  • Anybody got some FSW experience?

    If so, Boeing will be needing some FSW welders in the next few weeks for long term positions on their ARES I project.

    FSW= Friction Stir Welding
    Two turn tables and a microphone.

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    Wow, that would hard to find. I've seen it done several times, but I don't know anyone that has experience at that except the ones that Boeing has trained.
    I'm a welding junkie. Love this stuff!! Tell me MORE!
    I love hearing from the best!


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      You can find a lot of info by googling it...they're doing a lot of it in the UK.


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        I started doing FSW in '99 for Boeing on the Delta IV rocket but have recently changed jobs. Now I am contracted to the NASA and we are doing Conventional FSW, Self Reacting FSW and Plug FSW. Since Boeing was awarded the ARES I Upper Stage contract, they will have to come up with some welders soon. They needed them starting last week. Need FSW Engineers too.

        Must be willing to relocate to New Orleans area. I'm not recruiting, just giving a heads up.

        This an awesome welding process and easy to perform.

        eta Rocky D is right. The Blokies started the current trend towards FSW (though I thought of it when i was 14 years old), and it has been perfected by several companies. It make formerly hard to weld metals easier to join and has post weld properties much higher than fusion welding. Solid state welding is the future of welding. IMHO
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        Two turn tables and a microphone.


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          That is something I think I just read about[somewheres],would difinatly be a speicallity thing,,advertise on roadtechs .com,every kinda thing is wanted there,but never heard anybody looking for friction stir welders,they do have an areospace section,,so,that might be a start,,thingy