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welding steel to cast

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  • welding steel to cast

    I need to weld steel to cast andybody have any suggestions?

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    several options available to weld wrought steel to cast.
    ni-rod is the most common. it has the ductility to stretch and the nickel to fuse with all ferrous alloys.
    if it's wrought steel to cast steel almost any steel electode will work. if the carbon content is too high in the cast or, there is too much tension in the part you will know as soon as the weldment starts to cool. you'll hear it crack and you"ll see the fracture usually in the heat affected zone of the casting.
    brazing may be an option but, i find it tedious.


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      I agree with chip, use the nyrod. Heat casting first, weld with stick or tig weld with bare rod or bust coating off stick rod and clean up on sander. After every ( SHORT ) weld peen with hammer and or punch immediately for best results. I mean the faster you can get an area peened before it cools will help in releaving the stress and preventing cracks.
      Also with cast iron best to run stringer welds and not large weaving welds.
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