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Tig foot pedal! is it needed?

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  • Tig foot pedal! is it needed?

    At work we have machines with and without the pedal.
    I used one today for the first time and I enjoyed using it although I kept falling over balancing on one leg.

    The guy I work with can weld without the pedal and still achieve penertration and no edge burnback but the twa* wont show me how. he is one of these who wont share.

    I say Is it needed because he can manage without it.

    I was ok with the pedal because I could drop the power when the edges melted too fast. Without the pedal I have a problem with the edges melting back. if I set the amps for this then I wait for ages for the pool and if I go high then I can not fill fast enough. This is using miller 250 syncrowave.

    What is the best method to stop the keyhole getting too big too quick.

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    I wonder if the guy without the pedal has what is called a remote switch? You can replace the pedal with a thumb or fingertip style switch that is mounted on the tig torch, that way you can weld while you're standing up. It does the same thing, only smaller.


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      tig without a foot pedal is done all the time, things to watch are travel speed, amperage set on machine, and filler. Some guys that weld without pedal use a bigger filler and help control heat by adding filler. If he won't show you just watch what he does and take note of the settings on machine. Also what type of material are you welding? I assume it is steel or stainless and you are scratch starting? BW


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        Sorry, the material is Aluminum, and he does not use a thumb wheel either. The machine is a syncrowave 250.


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          I have welded aluminum without a foot pedal, it just takes a little more experience. That being said, it is preferable to have either a hand amptrol or a foot pedal. It is definately easier to achieve a quality weld with it. As for falling over when using a foot pedal, try sitting down while you weld. I would not recommend you buy a GTAW setup without some type of remote amperage control.
          Mike Sherman
          Shermans Welding


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            You can spend your whole life TIG welding in the field, and never even see a foot petal. They are pretty groovy if your work allows you to use one though. Thousands upon thousands of critical pipe welds have been made with no amp control device other than the skill of the welder, in refineries, powerhouses, chemical plants, ect. ect. If you learn to weld without a control, you can easily adapt to using one later. If you learn with one, it's sometimes very difficult to develop the skill to weld without it.



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              Re: Tig foot pedal! is it needed?

              Originally posted by chipz

              What is the best method to stop the keyhole getting too big too quick.
              There is a technique of feeding the rod through your fingers, while keeping your arm still. once mastered, you can feed the rod quite fast, and keep the rod filling the puddle at the same while keyholing, try to keep the rod in the puddle at the side of the key, not in the center and feed the rod not so fast to fill the key, but to just keep it looking even as you travel. I'm thinkng of vertical and flat. all that said, if you just don't keyhole, you can practice penetrating with just speed and heat...this will be much easier.


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                My question is why would you want to? If your not why not use another process? It would same time and money.
                We use foot pedals and "north south" finger tip controls because we are not allowed to use scratch or lift start because 1 out of 10 welds will fail xray. Even the ones that pass you are able to tell that scratch start was used. Now take into accout that we weld on very thin metals .005 to .080.
                I could take the long way home, but then again I ask "why would I want to?"


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                  I could take the long way home, but then again I ask "why would I want to?"
                  I was trying to come up with a polite way to say that. In a shop with several welders, why the **** would you opt to not buy some kind of amp control????? It's just absurd.