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    my old HOBART three phase CYBERWAVE, that is seemingly too old to get much in the way of expert advice...........

    runs out several bottles of argon each month........ and along with lights on 24-7, a lathe, and a mill that run quite a bit.......

    my highest electric bill has been under 45 bucks

    I wish my house had three phase

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    You oughta get on yer knees every mornin and thank FDR for that cheap REA power.
    I pay $20 a month for just the **** meter hangin on the wall, and 14 cents for each KWH

    Hacka, while yer on the line, heres a design for a bike for wimmen.
    You can bet those wimps at Orange County and Jessie James ain't men enough to build it, maybe you ought to give it a shot.
    Let us know if you get that little blonde to ride it.


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      HACKASAW..........Cyberwave 300............. We (my brothers and I) at one time owned one of these and I am very familure with them. Both in operation and electricaly.............. However the responsability in 1995 was transfered to ThermalArc per the federal trade commission..........for this machine........... I think they no longer offer support for it...........

      What can I do to help you with this machine........... Be safe....
      Rock.. [email protected]


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        Thanks Rock.... I'll look at the bike Franz

        Well I had some specific questions about the AC operation and posted them here but I think all of you Hobart guys were on vacation or something.

        The biggest problem I have is making a really tiny High Freq AC bead in aluminum that is clean but when I do the max clean the bead is too ****ed wide.

        The DC, even with it's spartan controls is very adequate.

        Oh...... how do I adjust the air gap on this machine...... where?

        What symptoms will it give when this needs attention?

        And where is it most likely to have a leak in the gas circuit internally?

        I'll get some good pix of the control panel and post them and perhaps you can walk me thru what each control should do.

        I bought it in January and really like it. It still welds much better than I do but I'm slowly catching up with it. The first time I tigged was last November and not a whole lot until I got this one.

        my first project with it........ stainless

        the other side of this project

        second project with beads improving

        after the second ones

        60 hours on these including bending

        crazy fender rework that used no body filler

        this was very difficult to weld the thick to the thin and make it solid enough for my chicks to ride on..... 60 bucks worth of argon


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          see the aluminum pisses me off

          I just finished these tonight and they are the best I've ever done..... I can't wait to see them polished

          Lemme know if you want one of these kicker pedals..........shhhhhhh..... they are QD and those shifter handles match them.

          good thing I removed the powder before I welded this one and the primer lit off

          these may not look like it but they are fully machined and have multiple hidden welds

          Oh....... I'm making up some suicide clutch controls for 45's since the factory stuff and modified stuff....... sucks

          They are just about done and I gotta admit......... if they work as good as they are looking so far..... I'll keep this long raked 45 for a good while

          Just a few pix to let you know I really work this machine..... and these are just a tiny few of the projects since Jan.

          Tips on ac perfromance and point out any limitations of this machine would be nice. It's not programmable.... I think it's a CYBERWAVE 300 110S........... it is also three phase.



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            oh... press F11 if you don't see a scroll to the side gimmick

            sorry for the huge pix

            note to self

            size pix to 800 wide max


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              HACKSAW........... Hey what year is that 45......... My first bike restoration was a 3 wheel 45 trike.............1938.........That thing would go as fast backwards as it would in first gear...........But that is another story........

              Antique Cycle Supply has some exceptional reproduction componants that I've used many times.......... Cedar Springs, Michigan as I recall.....

              If you look inside the unit there are some High Frequency points.....The gap can be set on both from .003 to 30 thousandts..... I think the manuals are still available for your unit.......They are ordered by the specification number 6499-1 or 6500 I believe is your specification number cost is $15.00 USA funds........ the number to call is 920-735-4197 and Sara or Barb are your contacts there........ You have a control drawer in the middle of the front panel that has a 6 digit number attached to it. There were 8 different programmer drawers that you could put into these units...........That is a seperate manual........... pre flow, post flow, ramp up, time at peak, high pulse, low pulse...... The basic drawer was a 100 the one with all the buttons on it was a 800 programmer.............

              Be safe....................Rock.............
              [email protected]


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                hey Rock

                I have a handful of 45's

                The long one is a 63 G engine in a late fourties frame, 47 degrees rake and 14 over springer. Suicide clutch and jockey

                I have a 41 WLD raked to 47 degrees as well. It has a one under 641 Indian Girder and is also very uncivil. I have slated this one to receive a set of ducati bevel drive topends and some progress has been made already. It's viable but a lot of work and it is looking very much like I should get some UL or any big twin cases for the unholy wedding. I really need this machine to perform better on the AC side to tackle this project.

                The Magnum with the crazy pipes is a 46 model in a 67 frame. All trick internals including a stroker crank, carillo's, and nasty bumpsticks. Californicate had the audacity to title the engine as a 75 and it has a blue tag.

                I do like the flatties but do hate the intake plumbing so I will likely fix that on at least one of mine. Thanks for the tip on the supplier, I just make most of what I need or want as I'm not into restorations.


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                  Hey guys check out what I picked up from te local scrapyard! I still have to fire it up. Does anyone know how well or if these will run on a 25hp rotary phase convertor?

                  Hobart Cyberwave 300S amp TIG/Stick
                  Airco 650 AMP DC DIP


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                    hey hacksaw, do my eyes deceive me or is that a sack of simms poking out of that stainless in the first pic? If so is that the reason for all the holes and hollows in the peice with the threads. If not please disregard this part of this post. That bike is cool, and please post pics when its finished. Thump On!!!
                    how's that taste, happy crappy??!!?