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  • Making slots

    I know this dosn't pertain to welding, but can anyone tell me if there is some sort of bit that I can use in a radial drill press to create slots in say 1/8th" to 1/2" steel plate or tube. I have been just drilling then filing them, but I would like something that looks a little more consistant with a machined look............thanks

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    There are slitting (saw)blades available, normally used on mills, 1/2" mandrel used.
    Try ENCO, MSC< etal


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      If the radial drill is solid, you can chuck an endmill up and clean out most of the web between holes, or even make up a slot bushing, and chew it out half a hole at a time with an end mill.


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        Thanks PSD KEN and Franz.


        By the drill press being solid I take it there should be no wobble or play in the chuck or supporting/slide arms. Also, could you please explain what a slot bushing is ( I have very limited machining experience....none come to think of it )......thanks.


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          Radial arm drills normally move the drilling head into position, and then aren't locked until the drill bit is indexed into the drill bushing on the template.
          A slot bushing would be like a drill bushing, but would have a continuous slot rather than an individual hole for a drill.
          Since I don't have an idea if you're using a Walker Turner radial, or an enco homeowner radial, it's a bit difficult to come up with a solution to your problem.