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ss arc welding?

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    309 for stainless to regular steel.


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      you might consider 321 or, Inconel if you have a big wallet. 1/4 wall sounds a little too thick, especially if you have to bend/form the tubing. 304 and 316 don't fair too well in a high heat, reducing atmosphere of an exhaust, especially with a turbo attached.


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        prebent sections and even tight radius doughnuts are available even in very thin walled tubing

        in both 321 and even 330

        it's beautiful stuff to weld but I wouldn't go to all the trouble to prep it and then stick weld it....... and this is coming from a guy that has spent many hours looking for that perfect stick bead in stainless that will peel it's own slag...... why bother when TIG exists?

        Over 100 hand fabbed stainless parts and all but the foot clutch rework was AC stick welded......... I hate slag!

        hook a tig torch up to your welder like the man told ya and you will be much happier...... use argon to purge the backside for best lasting results.... I'm sure you can find a deal on one on eBay or your local govt surplus just to try

        Here is an all stainless exhaust me and a friend bent....... I welded all of it

        60 hours and they aren't even complete I suspect I'll have 120 hours in the once completed

        oh... these are called Rubiks Tubes and they can indeed be removed AND installed without having to dismantle any of the bike...... and it's really a puzzle to solve I promise

        65 thou wall and I have ordered a doughnut to rework the very tight bend on the front pipe........ that thin wall is really really hard to bend even packed full of wet sand but most all good muffler shops now have NC tubing benders that the follower stays with the pipe and will do the thin stuff without puckering

        For a turbo...... I wouldn't consider even 316 but I do tend to like overkill......... 321 is pricey and 330 will stop your heart when you see the bill


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          Off Topic

          Any chance you could use a H-D trans in your Featherbed/ H-D
          hybrid? Or is it a lack of space problem? The Norton gearbox was stressed by the forty odd hp of a Commando so it might not last long behind a built shovel head with the v twin power pulses. I'm not trying to be critical, just interested in your project.


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            Hey! no need for the disclaimer...... certainly a very valid question and I've certainly had some 70 horse 940 nortons that made those long mainshafts flex with resulting exploded cases....... like clock work almost......

            here's the gig...... the engine is a WL Flathead bottom with stroker wheels and carillo rods........ the topend is 900 sporty poked over a bit

            the cases are the weak link for sure so therefore the belt is good for 30 horses instead of going up to the heavier unit that will slip in place.

            I feel the AMC tranny will hold up much better than the engine cases and the weight savings plus superior diaphram clutch are the key reasons beside it being adequate for this application which will not be beatne severely...... I have other bikes for that.

            The bike weighs 336 pounds and will get lighter when the steel tank is replaced with alloy....... should be a blast to ride with it's functioning 42mm tubes and Marzocchi shocks........ magnesium wheels

            thanks for asking