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  • Learning to TIG?

    OK, so when I was learning to Mig, it was pretty easy. Take the little online class on the miller site, and watch the vid that comes with the Miller 175. Burn some wire, smash it in a vice with the BFH and life was good.

    Now I want to learn tig. At least I think I do

    I need some really clean welds and will be spending at least 1/4 of the time doing aluminum. A lot of this will be on this stuff like .120. So I think learning tig is the right way to go (stop me here if I'm wrong). All I know is mig and I hate the spool gun and have decided that mig ain't gonna get me what I want.

    .... so, is there any source for good beginner info on tig? Please dont' tell me votech schools etc. I don't have the ability for a structured course (travel for work constantly) and need something flexible like videos or online stuff. Just basic stuff is good. Then I can practice on my neighbors vehicles when they are asleep :-).

    Seriously - even buying the mig machine was easy. Everyone said to get Miller, I looked at the capacity and picked the 175. Tig machines seem so complicated and they don't even mention capacity.

    Yeah I know I'll likely be over my head, but I'm only a few blocks from the fire department.


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    your cracking me up little bambito.why don't you try going to a welding school and stop wasting time & money on expensive welders,consumables,and steel.I was once like you until something clicked in my head "why don't i just go to a school and learn so i can do it right and do it safely" so i went to a welding school and ta can do it too my friend.hope this helps


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      Please dont' tell me votech schools etc. I don't have the ability for a structured course (travel for work constantly) and need something flexible like videos or online stuff
      reddarc, I guess you didn't see this part of Junk's post.

      Junk I don't have any help for you, except keep looking, something will come up for you!
      Millermatic 200 w/ SKP-35 Spot Pulse Weld Panel, Tweco MIG-GUN #2, running ER70S-6 .035 wire on CO2, Spoolmatic 1 Spool Gun; Miller Thunderbolt 225 A/C stick machine


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        Thanks Paychk.

        I realize that learning by video is not a good option, however based on my travel for work, it is my only option.

        I'd like to learn this to assist with one of my hobbies, truck restorations. This is not ever going to be my line of work, but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it and I'd certainly like to do the best I can.

        Anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you.


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          You might want to check around some local fab shops. Most of the guys in this business are very helpful. If you get to know them, they just might offer to give you some basic lessons. You could also go to the welding distributors in your area, and let them know that you are interested in buying a tig unit. They usually have demo models that you can try out. I have found that it isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Good luck, and let us know how you make out.
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            Trying to MIG thin aluminum can be frustrating. Expensive Pulse MIG and push pull guns help.

            Yes you can even learn to TIG weld by reading book but much better to find someone you can watch weld with TIG and that can watch you try welding with TIG even once a week. Ask at local welding shops or dealers about who might help you learn. Expect to pay but might be surprised by low cost.

            Miller has some good training manuals in student package for $25. which lis great deal. Includes 1 TIG manual & TIG calculator.
            Discover the latest welding resources from Miller. Browse training materials, articles and handbooks, or view our archive of welding videos.

            SeaBee training manuals; Steelworker Volume1 & 2 is a free download. Search will find sites. TIG is covered in volume 1 chapter 8.

            What TIG welder do you plan on buying?


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              Thanks Roger. Appreciate the help.

              I'm not running in to the buying phase yet. I rushed a tad when I bought my mig. I got a great machine in the MM175 and spool gun etc, but want to take my time and make sure I buy something to meet my needs.

              So basically, I don't know enough yet.


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                Took some diggin but I found a link to the SeaBee Steel Worker manual Chapter 8
                Scott Schering


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                  Just a suggestion here, learn to gas weld first.
                  Once you have a good understanding of gas welding, learning TIG is almost a walk in the park, since the major difference is the heat source.

                  CB manuals, Pontiac, who the heck put those on line? Now I gotta go check to see if I followed the proper instructions for installing all those generators, showers, bars, beer coolers, and ice machines back when.
                  They probably wrote those manuals after I got out, cause some of the "replacements" I got seemed like they learned by sleeping on a book.


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                    From what I can gather the Navy put them on line.
                    The Navy site the manuals came from is now restricted to Navy,Coast Guard and Marines. So what you see is all they have.

                    Scott Schering