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  • Stainless 316 Handrail

    We are Fabricating a SS316 handrail using 1-1/2" sch 40 pipe with a #4 finish.
    we seem to be having a major problem with distortion, that we only slightly had with the aluminum and steel railing that we have done (this is the first time doing SS railing). We have a plywood "teepee" shaped bench setup for guys to weld on both sides of the table. we are using angle screwed to the table to act as our jig, then clamping the pipe to the angle. there are approx. 2 clamps per post, intermediate rail, and top rail between posts. we are seeing distortion of the intermediate rail and top rail between the posts, as well as a curve to the entire piece (10'-20' long). we are all scratching our heads and trying different things such as, doubling the amount of clamps, lowering amperage to lower heat input, skipping around the welds instead of a left to right sequence, with no success. Our next trial is to weld one side with a lower amperage then the other side, and/or weld both sides with one amperage then flip it again and run over the welds again to try and draw it back. ANY suggestions anybody may have is greatly appreciated.

    We are Tig welding the joints using 98 amps (90 & 98 for the above trial), 1/16" Tungsten-2% ceriated, and 1/16" Radnor 308L Filler metal, DC negative current, 100% Argon flowing at 15cubicft/hr, and laying down an 1/8" weld joint. Using welders: Miller Syncrowave 250, and Lincoln Squarewave 255.


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    Hello Jet and welcome to the forum! I would like to help but not sure I can The company that I used to work for just recently completed an ss rail job but the parameters were way different. I t was also the first time we had done ss. We used 3"pipe top rail, 3/8x3" posts and 1/2" rod or round as our middle pieces( 9 pcs horizontally 'tween posts) We also mig welded it instead of tig, using ss wire and tri-mix.(Airco Gold blend) My table was a 1"plate,48"x96", and dead flat. I would tack the posty to the table, making sure all was straight,square, and true and then weld one side. Didn't skip around, just welded her out one side, let cool COMPLETELY, then flipped,tacked it back down,again being sure it was true, and welded the other side. It was always COLD before I took it off the table. We didn't have any problems with warping. Wish I could be of more help. Hope you get it nailed....As a side note, I do NOT like working with ss, least wise, not this way....Oh, and this was all 304L too...


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      Fabricating a SS316 handrail using 1-1/2" sch 40 pipe with a #4 finish often causes problems when it comes to distortion. Please get in touch with us.