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    Remember that most tap drill size charts are for 75% threads. So if you're doing non
    critical parts(which I would have to assume if you're even considering hot roll steel) a close drill bit should be ok if it's not too small. The 115 piece sets are great but I really
    question quality at $39.00. I have a set of CL that I have had since 1994 and they cost
    over a $100 then. Crap bits have no place in my shop. By the way, I see it's hard for some of you to put out big bucks for a good HSS tap and die set so you end up at Harbor Freight. I have purchaced several large sets of Sears HSS sets at pawn shops. I got a $300 set for about $60 and I think one die had been used. Complete set in case with drill and thread gage......just like new. Some of these sets have been laying around since the 70's and they have the same warranty as the hand tools...yes even the taps and dies. You can't even get HSS on the floor at Sears, only carbon......HSS only in catalog last time I checked. I have had one set since 1975 and have only broken one tap which was small. They are good sets. Read your instructions, use the proper cutting fluid, and a good set will last you a very long time unless you're in production There is a reason why
    one tap is $3 and one is $7..of the same size..quality. But I guess if your jobs come out bad you can always blame Harbor Freight.
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