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  • Finally some pics...

    so i decided to burn some more rod this morning after work....i work nights, 9:30 - 6am, so usually a pound of rod is enough for me after working all night...(home depot stock crew) anyway, did some 6013, 7014, and again tried 7018..the 7018 i bought is DEFFINATLY not an AC i'll have to go find some other rod that specifies the pics i've attached is of 5/32's 6013, on 3/8's thick mild about 200amps....cleaned pretty well before hand...all mill scale and rust removed...the spatter that's on there is not from the 6013....probably from some 6011 i was trying to mess around with on the same piece of metal....i talked to a friend last nite who is a master stick weldor, and i told him i was having problems with undercut, so he told me to work a "C" back and forth, and not to stop at the ends of the C....just keep going back and forth at a steady pace as you work the length of the weld...i did and it worked more undercut....(well, atleast no where NEAR as bad as it was!) also, when you weld vertical, do you HAVE to weld vertical up? or no? and when you weld a root pass of 6013 and a cap pass of 7018, do you run the 7018 DIRECTLY over the 6013, or do you just make another pass overlapping the 6013? anyway...on to the proof!

    Nathan Hamler.

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    and on to number 2.....


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      You did not tell us of the machine and amp you are running, however the weld look real good.

      Re: ac/dc

      Careful of the HD connections around here, you may want to try some 1/8 7014.

      Give them a try, as I think Ray Charles could weld with them and have real nice welds.

      Good Luck


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        nice welds i have a lincon ac 225 buzz box and i use lincon 7018AC rod and thay are so good i also have some 7018 reguler rod hard to start but good weld after you get it going. the pics i see look good so keep it up