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Can a gasless mig weld aluminium

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  • Can a gasless mig weld aluminium

    Can a gasless mig welder be used to weld aluminium tubeing?

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    Short answer, no. The only filler that you will find for aluminum is solid, therefore exterior shielding must be supplied, normally argon gas. Now, if you ahve a particular application or problem that you are trying to address, expend on it, and maybe someone here can help with a solution for that.



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      Originally posted by delete52 View Post
      Can a gasless mig welder be used to weld aluminium tubeing?
      Well, welcome to Weld Talk.

      Might as well start off right - there is no such thing as a "gasless MIG". "MIG" is an acronym for "metal inert gas", which is really wrong also! The correct term is "GMAW" (Gas Metal Arc Welding), since shielding gases can be both inert (as argon), reactive (as CO²), or both (as C-25).

      As to your question, Greywynd pretty well answered it. There is no self-shielded wire available for GMAW on aluminum.

      Self-shielded flux core wire welding is "FCAW-S". Dual-shield (flux core wire with shileding gas also) is "FCAW-G".

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        This is just a guess on my part, but sounds like you are trying to use one of those little "home shop" wire machines to do aluminum with. Even if it was available, you're not gonna have the amps or the duty cycle to handle it anyways. Besides that, if the aluminum tubing is fairly thin, you're gonna want to TIG it.

        I have seen (but never used) aluminum stick rods. The ones I saw were huge and required pre-heating, etc., and wouldn't be applicable either.

        Get a friend with a TIG machine to help you out