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  • Hobart beta mig 200

    I was just given an old hobart eta mig 200. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about this mig welder. If someone does no anything about it how thick of steel can I weld with it. Any help would be great Thanks

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    Click on the Owners Manuals link at the top of the page and see if a manual is still available for this one. I have no experience with them, but I have a friend who has had an older Hobart for years and uses it for industrial fab work. Post the serial number and Rock will be by Monday morning to tell you date of birth, etc..


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      I checked to see if the link would pull a manel but it did not find anything. Here is all the info on the welder I have.

      Model Hobart Beta-mig 200
      Spec 6331c 1
      Serial # 87ws17268
      Line Volts 200/230
      Line Amps 44/38
      1 Phase 50/60hz

      Thanks for the reply and hope this helps.


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        Manual may still be available for $15.00. Rock will let you know in the AM. If he doesn't reply soon enough, rattle his cage.


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          Hobart claims their Handler 175 can weld up to 1/4" steel and that the Ironman 210 can weld up to 3/8" steel. Interpolating, your BetaMIG 200 is somewhere in that range.

          Have Fun!
          Bill C
          "The more I learn about welding the more I find there is to learn..."


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            Just from memory,my friend at the welding store said those were very very nice little short arc machines.If I remember right it had Infinite controls that worked,unlike most machines of that time.If that's the one I am thinking of,that's a great machine as far as arc quality.


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              Welcome aboard and congratulations on your purchase. Cope was correct about the manual. They are available through Miller Electric for a cost of $15. The phone number will be 920-735-4356 and you will need to have your spec. number available. The unit was produced in 1987 based on the serial number that you provided.

              Hobart Expert Steve
              [email protected]