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My first TIG weld

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  • My first TIG weld

    Hi Guys,

    First, thanks for answering my questions for getting the electrical setup for my new Miller SD180. The Electrician was expensive but he did a safe looking job.

    OK, I got my gas and odd peices today so I thought I would test this welder out. I stuck a few peices of metal together and I think I am getting the hang of it. I then tried to weld a small peice of 1/4" plate to a 1.25" thick CR block. I turned up the welder all the way to 180amps. It looks like I got penetration OK so to test it I sawed the welded pieced down the middle, between the two there is a slight line. I then stuck the 1/4" end in a vice and wailed at the block with a BFH, I kept hitting it till the 1/4" plate started bending over! Can I call this welding test a success? I'll try to post some pictures:



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    NO. Try making only 1 bead- then beat the steel into submission.
    Looking at the size differences in the material I'd throw more heat at the base and dip and move.

    Regardless this is not criticism, have a good time building stuff -Man is a tool using animal


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      The real way to do the test you are trying to do is to only weld ONE side, then bend the weld over itself.


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        I think Planet X and myself posted at the same exact time!


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          Originally posted by MikeR
          I think Planet X and myself posted at the same exact time!
          No, Planet X's reflexes are akin to Bruce Lee's


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              here's my first aluminum donkey

              I made it playing around the weekend after I got the welder.
              T/A 185


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                Hope that aint no hi speed donkey.....may fall apart