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  • Interesting question?

    This isnt really on topic but, does it make me an old fart that I wear overalls and a kromer cap on my days off working at home?

    By the way I am only 37.

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    No, It just makes you stylish before your time!!!!!!!!!!
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      As long as they're fire retardant cotton, and not polyester with a BIG white P on the back, and you're wearing them of your own free choice, I figure it makes you comfortable.
      Now, if Rock would just break out, you could be wearing a Miller cap and become the neighborhood fashion plate.


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        No big white P but stylish none the less. Sometimes you just have to ask these questions. I hope I dont get the plug pulled on me but all my equipment is Red, not saying that is good or bad but I like it. SP250 and Squarewave 175 Pro
        I said it before and I'll say it again----This forum is great,so many questions so many answers.



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          Most of my stuff is red too,,, but these guys are ok anyway. I too think after one is called a senior member they should get a hat. I been thinking of painting a big grey machine I have blue though.


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            ****, I got em all colors, green, red, blue, grey, and red ones that were painted blue and grey ones that were painted green. What color the outside is painted don't mean squat, each and every one has it's purpose, and does something better than the other ones.
            I'll sure tell you that little blue machine with an Onan and propane tank skoots around a factory floor a lot easier than the grey one with the green paint job ever did, and it's even easier than pulling 400 feet of cable across a floor, unless you use a forklift or garden tractor.
            I'll also bet a whole dollar the RED factory will never have the guts to put up a board equal to this one, especially since the cheap bean counters there went back on their promise of "Stabilizer" for life FREE.
            If I had a blue hat, I'd tip it to Hobart for supporting this site.


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              Boy Franz,If that doesn't get you a hat nothing will.Rock already told me if I bought a 251 he would buy me one out of his own pocket.I bet he would make you the same deal,but I doubt that machine would do that great with straight CO2 like your old airco you had. Hows that for a memory.


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                Scott, I shoulda got a free hat with the MM 225 when I bought that, and I sure as **** shoulda got one with the Bobcat, but I didn't. Maybe Miller's holdin back cause I still own more red ones than I do blue ones, or cause they hadda give Rock that BIG raise.
                Truth to tell I already got more hats than I can wear, but a man can never have too many hats.
                Now, I'd be deeply hurt if I'd seen pictures in that road show piece of folks getting Miller hats, but since I noted they were only getting plastic shopping bags, I didn't feel too bad.
                The red company ain't what it used to be, for sure, and is changing a lot of the ways they do business.
                In my area, Hobart is barely represented, but on this magic internet thing Algore invented Hobart kicks ***. There's more information that goes across this site in a week than Big Red puts out in a year. Frankly, I think if Old Man Lincoln was still living he'd be kickin some corporate *** in his plant.
                Strange as it sounds, I do still on occasion miss that Airco DipStick machine, and probably never would have sold it if it had more than a 7 foot MIG cable. It sure had a sweet arc, and welded good in both MIG and stick.
                Yes, I do run straight Co2, and I can lay in a pretty good weld with it too, and even my supplier will tell you I'm cheap, and that's why I won't spend money on mixed gas. What he doesn't know is that I also own a gas mixer, and may one of these days get around to tryin it out. Then again, if Ted wasn't CHEAP, he'd send out a cylinder of mix gas and prove his point.
                Now I gotta go spend money on lenses so that means I can't buy one of them fancy new computerized weldin machines. I might even have enough left over to stop by the Dollar Store and get a couple extra pair of reading glasses so I can see the puddle. I'll check to see if they have any blue hat dye there, so Rock won't have to sneak down to the mailroom.