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Miller MM251 problem

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  • Miller MM251 problem

    We have a mm251with electonic controls, about 6 months old an it is doing somthing weird. It is our only mig machine and if we send it in we are down. While welding (using 88argon, 12co2, .035 wire) at about 24.5-26v, it will suddenly drop off in weld power(it looks like about 16v) momentarily and then come back up to power. Is this in the electronic voltage control. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Tynwood

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    I would go back to dealer and give them machine for it must be under warranty and ask for a loaner. They usually do have machines for renting and I would ask for them to waive the rental charge. Hopefully since you had purchased machine from them you woud think theyed work with you.

    Good luck and start looking for a 2nd machine for you should have two.
    Jerry Streets
    J P Streets Welding LLC


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      Does your MM251 do this while welding? What does the weld look like? If there is a problem, and the machine is not operating properly, have it looked at by one of our service facilities. Ask your distributor if they have service on site, they may even stop by and look at it. If your machine is only 6 months old it will be under warranty and you should have it fixed. A welder that is not operating properly isn't any good to you either.