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  • voltage::::::feed

    What are the voltages on the Handler 175? Does 1, 2, 3, 4 mean somthing like 50, 100, 135, 175 volts or????? Also what exactly is the ft. per minute on 1-10 nob? Is it 1 ft. per minute, 2 fpm, and so on? These may be a silly questions but they have me by the booboo. Thanks for any input it is appretiated. C6

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    If you use the owners manual link in this page's header you will find most of your information.
    This is from voltage graph in manual.
    4. 29 to 20 V with 0 - 175 Amps

    3. 26 to 17 V with 0 - 170 Amps

    2. 22.5 to 14 V with 0 - 170 Amps

    1. 18.5 to 12 V with 0 - 145 Amps

    Manual lists no load wire speed as 350 to 900 IPM and 150 to 850 IPM

    Wire feed speed is dependant on welding voltage and speed switch position. The numbers on speed switch are only used to set speed according to setting chart on welders door and your notes from using the welder. The settings giving best results will be a little different from chart.

    You can measure welder no load wire speed by feeding wire for 20 sec. then measure length of wire. Multiply result by 3 to get IPM. Then release drive roll pressure and wind excess wire back on reel.

    To measure wire speed while welding is harder.