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Tungsten grinding question

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  • Tungsten grinding question


    Nice thing about being a newbie is that you can dream up so many questions

    I know you should have a grinding wheel that you use exclusively for tungsten. I also read here other posts where woodworking sanders have been used for grinding tungsten. Or at least I think I did.

    So my question is:

    Are there some materials that can touch a grinding/sanding wheel/disk/belt without being a problem if the same surface is used to grind tungsten?

    For example, could I grind tungsten on a sanding disk that is used for sanding wood, but never, ever touches metal of any kind?

    Another question:

    Are there grinding wheels/disks/belts made from materials that should not be used to grind tungsten?

    Like almuinum oxide for example. Or whatever else these things might be made out of...

    at the moment but I am sure you guys will straighten me out!

    Near Pgh, PA

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    I probably know less than you but everything I've seen says to use a dedicated wheel for grinding tungstens. I've used an aluminum oxide wheel and it seems to work fine. Wears pretty quickly but they are a lot cheaper than a diamond wheel.