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  • quick Tig question

    I have some 3" diameter, 16 awg alumuminized exhaust tubing to tig weld together. In the past, I've used 1/16" ER70s-6 filler rod with about 60 amps.

    I've read about people using a smaller diameter filler rod as it "wets in" or melts easier into the puddle on thinner materials.

    Should I go with a smaller filler, and if so, what diameter?


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    You can get .045 x 36" tig wire from your local welding supplier or try some .035 wire from your mig welder. I 've done this but its a little bit of a pain straightening the wire, but works good.

    You have a good idea and it will help in the astetics of your weld, where you only need to add a little filler.
    Jerry Streets
    J P Streets Welding LLC


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      Thanks Jerry,

      I need to get my argon bottle filled tomorrow, so I'll see if they stock any .045 filler rod.

      I have some .035 Mig wire and tried it this weekend on a small project. it worked pretty nicely, but as you said, trying to straighten the stuff is a real pain and makes feeding troublesome if you leave any curve in the wire.


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        I have in shop many types of tig rod, ampco,copper, 420Stl.St, 308, 309, 4130,4343,5356, A-2,S-7,888,P-20,H-13,Nyrod,M-2,W-1,O-1,I think a few more also, but most tig rod will come in 1/8", 3/32",.060,.045, .035 also.

        Although you start to pay more for the smaller dia. wire in my tool welding I must have this .035 wire.
        Jerry Streets
        J P Streets Welding LLC


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          2 easy ways to straighten wire.

          1. Stretch it a little just not enough to break it.

          2. Use wire straightener as pictured in "Accessories" section of Miller Catalog. It's on page 79 in 2003 catalog.

          Then cut it into handy lengths & store in tube.


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            This may sound odd, but you can reduce your heat input with the larger rod. The smaller the rod, the more you have to feed into the weld. thus more heat. leave the rod in the puddle.