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MIg verticle welding problem

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  • MIg verticle welding problem

    i seem to have a problem when i weld on the verticle plane. i have tried top to bottom and bottom to top. the problem i have is the dang puddle falls off to the ground.

    my welder has 4 heat settings and variable wire speed. i have tried a slower wire speed and lower heat. i am not having any problems welding on the horizontal plane. but the verticle one is giving me fits. i dont get a solid bead just blobs of weld stuck here and there!

    i am using .030 wire and 75/25 gas at about 20cf/m.


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    Vertical welds

    You do not mention wether you are welding sheet metal or heavier material. Sheet metal I usual welded top to bottom as the heat will rise. On heavier material I weld up as thicker material generally needs more penetration. You have to watch the puddle closely, but it sounds as if you are welding to slowly . Increase your gun travel and it should get better. Verticle can take a bit to get on to.


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      this has happend when i welded some bedframe together to make a plasma cutter cart and also when i made some brackets to hold my material. i guess ill just have to practice some more.



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        It sounds to me like your settings are too cold..Increase to 2 and 20 on the wire feed. Also sounds like you are traveling too fast. Watch your build up...if looks like it's going to fall, break the arc, and start again. Soon you'll get the hang of it.


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          Newbees tend to turn down volts & wire feed thinking puddle is too hot and will cool faster or something. What is holding the puddle up against gravity is the force of the arc pushing aginst the puddle. You're turnning down that force. You got to run it hot enough to get penitration while travelling faster. Angle tip up 10 to 15 degrees so arc force is pushing up against puddle. Move faster so puddle doesn't drop out. If doing a weave it changes to more of a invert V or inverted T motion.

          Just like any weld. Don't look at arc. Look at puddle side to see how side under cut is filling in on weave's pause at side. Look at trailing edge of puddle for consistant proper shape bead. Look at the leading edge to see your on track getting desired penetration. Sort of scan all of this paying more attention to sides and trailing edge.

          Lots of practice to develop what works for you.
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            Very well put, always give good explainations.