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Correct Sticks For Welding Exhaust

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    Originally posted by legend
    i prefer mig but i've done plenty of exhaust work using a stick welder with low amperage dc on about 60-70 amps using 3/32 6013 rod since its not as messy and doesn't run as hot as 6011 so it wont burn through and will run just great if you know what your doing.
    i welded up my exhaust on my with 3/32 6013 and it came out nice.


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      I've done lots of exhaust pipes and mufflers; what I generally use is 3/32 rods at around 40 amps, I generally use 6013. You can clean the weld and raise the amps to 60 and go over it again to make it smoother using 1/8'' but be careful. Joe


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        Which method ?

        The condition of the exhaust pipe dictates for me which machine to use. New pipe ,maybe stick but preferably mig. Old pipe , I like mig . I'll even use O/A with a coathanger in a pinch . I repair a lot of heavy equipment mufflers at work using what ever it takes . Those 500-800 dollar mufflers hurt the pocketbook .


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          One thing I might mention; I've found it a good idea to paint at least the welded areas on exhaust pipes because it seems that welded steel tends to rust pretty quickly.


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            1/8 rod

            Originally posted by Chrisp
            I don't know about that. The Fire Department I work for has built 4 wildland trucks, 2- 5 ton 6x6's and 2- 5/4 ton units. I built all of the exhast for the 6x6's and one 5/4 ton with my '65 red face SA 200 and 1/8" 6010 (because that's all I had on my rig), with better results than the public works welder did with his WIRE machine. If you know what you are doing, you don't need JB weld . So far I haven't run across anything that somebody just absolutely had to have welded with a wire machine ('cause it's the best ) that I couldn't do with my gasoline rig. Just because a few people in this world can't do something well, doesn't mean everybody can't. Chris
            The metal must have been thick if you used a 1/8 rod..the exhaust pipe we use around here isn't thick enough to weld with 1/8 maybe 3/32 if you're experienced. thanks, Farris
            Play Safe - Be Safe...Thanks, Farris
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              I have welded 20 ga sheet metal with 1/8 rods. If you know what you are doing, it isn't hard.

              Go Spurs Go!!!!!!


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                This thread is old!

                Firstly, I want to apologize if bumping an old thread is deemed a 'bad idea' here. The way I figure it is creating a new thread with similar questions only clogs up the search engine for other noobies looking for information. No sense in that.

                I'm wanting to do some exhaust work, but a mix of different metals. (throw a little stainless into the mix for vband flanges and downpipes and such)

                I have a Hobart 235 AC/DC. I have been practising on DC positive with some lap joints using 3/32nd at about 80 amps. Should I be using 6013 at a lower DC+ amperage setting like 50, then try practising filling in with 7018 afterwards?

                Still fairly new, and am curious if anyone has a cheat sheet for different applications. I can sure find a lot of 7018 videos on youtube, but next to nothing on exhaust work.


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                  Well, I'm going to have to buy smaller rods

                  I picked up a bunch of junk in the dumpster behind a muffler shop to practice on. I burn right through.

                  Guess the best from what everyone says DC- 6013. I'm going to try that, and 7018 DC-.

                  I have been trying 1/8 rods at 60 amps, and I can't get the weld started, it keeps wanting to stick.

                  Practice Practice Practice.


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                    Go with smaller diameter sticks; 1/8 in anything is too large for relatively thin-wall exhaust pipe. The LWS or even Sears, Canadian Tire and so forth probably carry 6013 in 5/64. Don't burn the whole stick in a continuous run but do quick start-stops, so to speak, to keep the heat input manageable. That gives you a chance.
                    Good luck and let us know how you make out.

                    As a teenager I learned on exhausts with O/A and it worked well, but it's old-school and can cause collateral damage if you're not careful....think dripping undercoating .
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