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hobart 200 tripping main panel circuit breaker

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    Well, you answered your own question when you said Murry/Bryant/ General Electric breakers. Those are all fully magnetic breakers, Household grade, and they can't handle the inrush current the machine requires at startup.
    Since a welder is a lot like an electric motor or incandescent light, you'll have to accomodate inrush current by oversizing the breaker, probably by a factor of 150%, or magnetic breakers will continue to trip.
    It would also be a good idea to pull a full inspection/cleaning on the machine, and run some checks with an amprobe too. You also want to check to make sure the breakers are fully seating on the buss bars, a lot of these breakers have a small contact area on the buss, and can go into microarcing at the connection.


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      Wow those are some numbers, 150% ?

      Thats quite an inrush


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        You think 150% is big, you ought to see the allowances made for tungsten lighting loads. The contact area on a lighting contactor is 3 times the size of the contacts on a motor starter for the same amperage. Tungsten lights have a 1000% inrush current on startup.