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MIG easier than Stick???!!!

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    For the type of work I do, I prefer stick and TIG. It really depends on the job as to what's easier.

    I don't use MIG enough to be real comfortable, but it isn't a problem since the majority of my work isn't suitable for MIG--dirty, awkward position, short beads, etc-- or CAN'T be done with MIG by code requirement (though this is changing... I hear tell that NBIC may be moving toward some prequalified wire feed procedures in the next couple of years) unless we want to pay for to qualify a procedure ourselves.

    I will say when I was doing a tank the other year, the feeder came out, voltage up to 30-ish, put on the bottle of 90-10, and sprayed like crazy. Beat stick where it would reach.
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      Originally posted by SteeL_ButcheR45
      I guess my questions are, are MIGs really that easy to use, do they cost more to operate than a stick because of the gas, wire spools, spool guns and consumables??? Would it make since to have a nice MIG setup as a second machine? I value you folks input on this subject.
      I weld both and MIG is a lot easier. Stop/starts are easier because there's no slag cleanup, less body movement as you're not lowering your arm down constantly, better view of weld pool because less smoke, etc, etc... Cost more? I suppose. Although a 10lb spool of 0.35 wire isn't much. If you're welding inside where there's no draft you can lower your gas down. But you get more done because you're not being paid to chip and brush off slag, change electrodes, etc... So I'm not sure about overall cost.

      My personal opinion is anyone who learnt to be a good stick welder first, will be a better MIG welder than someone who learnt on MIG. But to answer simply, MIG is point and shoot. Anyone can do it.

      (but I still like stick :^)
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        As a mobile mechanic by trade, I'm impartial to using a mig. The quality I can get out of it far surpasses any experience I've had with stick, and like Sberry says, being lighter and easier to use makes being on call with a welder so much easier.
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