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  • Just got a mig

    I just recieved my new lincoln sp 135 plus. I'm new to welding and was wondering about a couple of things. I understood when getting this machine I could weld up to 5/16. I got it mainly for welding sheet metal, but also wanted to weld some 1x1x1/8 square tubing etc. It states in the owners manual that using .030 wire and gas I can weld up to 12-guage on the maximum output setting. It also states that if I use .035 wire and gasless flux cord innershield wire I can weld up to 5/16 on the highest setting welding multiple passes. Why is it the thicker metal can be welded using this innershield wire? I want to use the gas. Can I weld 1x1x1/8 square tubing with my argon gas set-up without having to use this innershield wire?

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    You should be able to weld 1/8" with gas and solid wire. FYI, 1/8" is 11 gauge and therefore is near the max they recommend.


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      Wheat worth,you made a very good pick in welders.That little welder will spray-arc .023 stainless steel wire with the right gas.That one shocked my friend at the welding store.He told me he was trying to get the bead to lay down,and he changed gas to a stainless mix.Then the thing broke out in a spray.He thought he's seen it all.