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Aluminum welding rod

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  • Aluminum welding rod

    I was at a State fair a day or so ago and saw an exibit where a man was showing aluminum welding rod where all you needed was a propane torch to apply it. Has anyone out there used any of it. The guy did a demo where he aluminum welded up a hole about 1/4 inch in diamater in the bottom of a pop can that weld appeared to look pretty good but some of the other welds I seen around that they had made didn't look very good. The guy was selling about 30 sticks or so for $28.00 he said it had a tensile strength of about 40, ooo. I figured a lot of what I heard was sales talk, just wondered if anyone out there had used any of it and whether it was worth carrying home.

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    these rods are usually zinc based. the weld will have many characteristics of zinc i.e. tensile strength of around 40, low ductility, poor corrosion resistance, and outgassing can sometimes be a problem as the weld solidifies.
    this filler can sometimes be handy to have. just realize it's limitations.