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    I was wondering if you could give me some info on DOM tubing. Weight and strength comparisons to mild steel, 4130, etc.? What is the best method to weld and what wire/tungsten to use? I will be welding together 1.5x.120 and 1.75x.120 round tubing for a roll cage in an off road truck. I have a Miller 210 running 75/25 argon/co2 and .030 wire. Is this ok or can you recommend something else? thanks a lot

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    Here is a good thread on the differences.

    Also, I have been doing alot of what you are looking to do lately and I have two suggestions:
    -Use .035 wire. It will produce better penetration and look much better even though .030 is withing the range for .120" wall tube.

    -Second, and please do not take this the wrong way, but from your question I feel that you are not sure of your welding capabilities and/or knowledge. I am definitely no EXPERT, but I had someone weld my cages for me until I knew what I was doing. This is a ROLL CAGE meant to save your life, and possibly others, and I feel that it is not a great place to start your welding skills. I made tons of bumpers and rocker guards until I fealt confident.

    I hope this helps without hurting your feelings.
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      Hello, First all I have not made any types of roll cages. I have welded 4130 & 4140 this is what you call chrome molly which will weld good with mild steel rod or wire. Now I welded a job about a year ago that was 4130 1"rd. tubing with a small 14g. gusset welded in corners. I welded both sides of gusset and found the material to look brittle, after this I welded only one side of the rest of parts and have heard this is whats done.

      I would think .030 with 75/25 would be fine.

      But by no means take this info or lack of and run with it. I'm sure another guy or two will report with a more exact process.
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        4130 needs to be stress relieved after welding or the joint is weaker than one made with Mild Steel. Unless you have the facilities to stress relieve the cage After welding is complete; STICK TO MILD STEEL!
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          DOM Tubing

          I never said i was going to weld 4130, i just wanted to know weight and strength comparisons. i never intended to work with 4130, i know its better left to the professionals who know what they are doing.