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    Have hired outside help he is running Hobart 70/18 high low at 140-150. I am running excaliber e 70/18 . Why is his rod flaking off at a 3/4-1/2" whip, where e7018 excaliber , has to be pounded off?Am I running the wrong heat temp,flux,etc.? tHANK YOU

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    I am not an electrode expert by any means and really dont pay much attn,, I just burn them. But lo-hi can be fussy about temps and there are listed a wide range but I have found that even 2 to 5 amps makes a big difference in the performance. I hired a guy and he was doing fine job for what we were doing but I swear I couldnt get an arc going as cold as he was using,, all verts and he just like the control I guess. I have a little tombstome Lincoln that has 85 and 90 settings and with 3/32 lo-hi I swear its too hot on 90 and too cold on 85. When they are running perfect if you look really close at the puddle you can see really tiny bubbles boiling out of it and that is indication of exactness, of both heat and arc length. I really dont do the type of work much anymore where I have to have exact quality in weld deposits so I dont pay so much attn but you might have to bump it up a little to get it to come off and the shape of the bead has a lot to do with it also especially on verts. If it is too convex it is going to trap along sides. Trade the guy a few rods and run on your machine and see what happens. If you have to heat up to get same performance then you have some clue. See what happens when he runs yours at same settings. Thats an easy way to troubleshoot a little. I am sure they have some techie guys here that are right up on it though.


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      Kind of a P.S. I do know there seems to be some difference in operating characteristics among brands. We used something called Chemtron Atom Arc at a powerhouse and if the arc length was off a little it really porisity easily, especially on starts. A real pain in the rear especially considering the awkward positions. I am not that fussy but I seem to like Hobart E6010 for some reason over the red rods. Its not a big deal but when I have my choice I grab those. I am sure its just a personal thing and would be hard pressed to prove something one way or the other.


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        to S>Berry , thank you very much!.Changed rod, he tried mine, and I tried his, mine was not at smooth as his welds. However, when he used my rod the 70/18 excaliber;we still had the same problem!!. I have not used hobart 70/18 rod until recently. I am wondering if differance in flux would make a differance?. He was using an older hobart 225 with high frequency for tig welding. Mine is a hobart champ 200. Is it possible that the higher frequency can have an effect on the weld?. When I welded with his his unit,the sound and weld was totally different. Once again,Thank you.


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          Some of these Hobart guys here will be able to tell you because I am not sure of the models and ranges but he is not using hi freq on this I do not believe, but if there are range settings and fine settings there could be a slight voltage difference that makes the arc seem different. If he is using a lower range setting and a hi fine setting it may produce a different arc than a higher range and lower fine.