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  • carbon arc torch

    Dose any body know how a carbon arc torch used?

    not the arc gouging type but the ones with two carbons for welding.. I saw a picture of one in an old welding book but could not figure out how the heat was focused to the work..

    Is the process similar to gas torch welding ? But the heat comes from electricity?

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    The twin carbon torch works best on A.C., it is used much like an oxy-acet heating torch. It is not very good for fine work, but it makes alot of heat pretty cheaply.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      Best use I ever found for one was loosening frozen nuts.
      Put the carbons 180* apart on the nut, set the machine on AC around 100 amps, and switch the machine on.
      DO NOT draw an arc, just let the nut cook and vibrate till it gets hot, switch the machine off, and unwind the nut.


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        Carbon arc

        Just a little info.


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          You can also use the carbon to create the heat for brazing. The project I was working on was re-roofing the plant buildings. They are saw tooth design and in the bottom of the saw tooth is a gutter 14 0r 16 ga galvanized steel. The joints were lap, 10' apart, and the run was 300' or more. Carbon brazing is done similar in fashion to stick /tig welding with a stick electrode holder and the carbon (3/16") creates the heat, and I used 1/8" silicon bronze for filler. Lots of wind up there, so I stay upwind of the fumes.