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Pre Heating Cast Iron

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  • Pre Heating Cast Iron

    Just wondering...If I had a small peice of Cast Iron to weld...
    Could I put it in my gas grill to pre heat it?
    Thanks for all the replys to my post.

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    putting the cast in the grill works pretty good, make sure the cast is free of grease and oil. No since of having flare ups. Using the grill is preferred to using a household oven, no wife to contend with ("you put what in the oven ") Best of luck, BW


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      my first post in the new format! i read this article in the lincoln newsletter yesterday about welding cast. it had a video that showed a lincoln rep repairing a cast iron engine block using cast iron rods. he tacked it in many places, peening after each tack, never using pre or post heat. apparently this stress relieving works just as well. have a look at the video if you like. [email protected]


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        It usually isn't necessary to preheat a small cast iron part, the problem is having it cool too quickly, and for that after welding, drop it into a bucket of oil dry granules or wrap it in fiberglass cloth to keep the heat in for at least two hours.


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          I agree with Rockey D, cast is very tempermental rocky mentioned fiberglass cloth and oily granules and I think that would work. Most castings are made in sand, I bury a cast piece in about 6" warm sand till it cools to the touch...JPC


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            Wood ashes or veniculite are also good insulators that will extend cast iron cooling time.