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  • Let's be careful out there!

    This group needs some Safety training from ROCK!

    Scrap Worker Accidentally Fires Howitzer

    Sep 13, 10:07 am ET

    KIEV (Reuters) - A Ukrainian scrap metal worker destroyed two roofs and singed his face when he cut into a 1940s howitzer and accidentally fired off a shell no one had noticed was lodged inside, local media reported Thursday.
    Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported the worker had heated the metal by cutting the gun and had triggered the shell, which flew about 800 yards. It said there were no other casualties in the central Ukrainian city of Berdychiv.

    The news agency also said the company had paid for repairs to the roofs but work at the scrap yard had been stopped after local prosecutors launched a criminal investigation.

    Ukraine, situated between Russia and an expanding European Union, has a huge arsenal of rusting weapons, which often end up in the country's dozens of scrap yards.

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    HAHAHA...........SYBERIA HERE THIS GUY GOES............ROCK [email protected]


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      Darwin Award nominee for sure.


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        why would ROCK need to teach safety training for something like that, I have not seen or heard of anyone here that would be that Dumb.