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which steel is stronger.....and other quiries...

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  • which steel is stronger.....and other quiries...

    Just getting into this tig welding stuff, lots of questions, but what is the trick to welding thin tubing without burning through?
    I took a course at our local college here last fall, and converted my ac/dc stick welder to tig, but im having a terrible time getting good looking and consistent welds on tubing.

    My main question however is which steel is stronger, hot rolled or cold rolled , I seem to get different opinions.
    any advice, would be appriciated
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    Cold rolled is stronger than hot rolled. It will have closer tolerances and the absence of mill scale makes it a lot nicer to handle and work with.
    Bill C
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      Ed, Bill is correct, but I have seen more things made from cold rolled break than hot rolled. TIG puts enough heat into the CRS to make a good weld, it's only MIG that I would question. Other factors are joint design and application, too, so I'm not saying don't use CRS, just make sure you get enough weld on it. and if it is a large weldment I would stress relieve it.

      Mike Sherman can give you more informaton on it as to why.
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