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  • Paint prep?

    Everyone has been so helpful. What could I use to clean my projects after I am finished to prep them for painting? I am not much for the scrubing the whole thing down. I like the idea of spraying something on and then washing it off. I also like the idea of steam cleaning but they are expensive.
    Todd Eldridge
    [email protected]
    Newbie Hobby Welder

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    Todd, I usually wipe the metal with pain thinner nefore I start cutting and clamping up. Afte assembly I brush the weld area and either wipe with thinner or spray with carb. cleaner. Then I prime and paint.


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      To get the paint to really adhere well and last some good prep is required. If it's a small project i'll run over most of it with a wire cup brush to clean it up a bit. then I'll put on a chemical glove and wipe the whole thing down with Acetone. I love to spra paint things and used to just go crazy hosing everything down with brake or carb cleaner but that gets kinda expensive after a while, so I switched to acetone. it's alot cheaper and it seems to do a better job I think. I use Aceton over mineral spirits cause it dries in an instant alot like brake/carb cleaner does. good luck.

      - jack