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    I need to cut a slot in a piece of 3/16 mild steel that is 1/4"x2" and it needs to be a smooth slot. A bolt is going to slide back and forth in it. What would be a easy way to cut it. I don't have a plasma cutter. I do have a torch though.
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    If it's just a small slot, or not to long, you may consider a cutting disk on an angle grinder. Or clamping it down on a chop saw. Mark out the work so you can have some line to guide you.

    If it's a real short slot, like a door bolt slide, a drill press to do a series of holes and then a good file may do the job.

    Just make sure you take the appropriate precautions when doing this, goggles, gloves and let it do the work - don't over force it. Sometimes it's not as easy to do as it sounds.

    Let the sparks fly. Good luck.
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      Maybe,a die grinder,and a cut off wheel?Or my horizontal mill with the right cutter.The angle grinder idea is probally best though.


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        Todd, drill a hole in each end of the slot of the appropriate size.It will give a nice rounded end to the slot,plus give you a guide to eyeball as you grind.
        If you do grind you might also drill a smaller size series of holes in the field to save grinding time.You may need to use a hand file to square it up.

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          I would maybe try drilling hole on each end but one end cut a hole next to the first hole and break through the two where now you will have room to use a jig saw to cut slot. Do not try a torch

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            Thanks for all the reply's.
            Todd Eldridge
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              Todd, I did this years ago with 3/8"X2" stock. What I did was mark out the slot with my combination square and drill a hole at each end. Then I cut the outline with a Porter Cable bayonet(jig)saw. I then filed each side of the slot smooth with a file. You could drill a series of holes to cut down on the wear and tear on the saw blade.
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