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Super 1000 Rod???

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  • Super 1000 Rod???

    Anybody ever here of this? My father gave me a whole box of it. I have run a couple beads using my Lincoln AC225 and the stick was hard to strike, but once going was easy to keep control of, and mad beautiful beads! I tested on 1/8 thick at a low amperage. My father is not a welder and got it from work, he only knew you could use it with AC......

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    I've heard of Super Missle rod. It is a light pinkess color
    John C


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      This rod is a very light grey......


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        A friend of mine who is a good mechanic, but says he's not a welder, makes beautiful beads with that stuff. I've never gotten a chance to try it though.
        I'm curious, does this rod have an AWS classification?
        work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

        Edward Heimbach


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          From what I can tell, it is a 'custom' product from .
          It meets the A5.1 AWS spec, but there is no classification. It runs on AC or DCEP, YS = 66.8Kpsi, TS=76.1Kpsi, and available in 1/16 -> 3/16", all purpose and all position. Check out the website for more info.