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  • Help with 6011!!


    I'm trying to relearn stick welding after buying a newer used 100A AC arc welder. I've read the many useful 6011 tips here and in 2 books, but I just can't do the 6011 rod (3/32" rod on 1/8 steel), which I've probably never used before. I'm using new Hobart sticks, clean metal, good ground, and good juice to the welder. 6013 is not a problem.

    Supposedly the 6011 makes an "ugly" bead, but all I'm after is some consistency and improvement. The learning curve has flattened out. I have a hard time keeping a continual bead, as there is such a fine line between shorting and puddling. I've had a few runs that were OK, but I just can't grasp what I'm doing right..and wrong. I think it may be in the arc pattern. Usually I'm straight dragging at 15 degrees.

    According to my book, 6011 should be a flatter bead, but mine are usually big, rough, and lumpy, although the width is usually fine. I've tried varying the speed & power settings. Even striking the arc is an adventure, but not too worried about that. Is 6011 that hard-to-learn, is it this finicky, or am I just flopping around like a foundered flounder with this mini-welder? I think I'm pushing too hard, and we all know how well that works.

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    With 6010 and 6011 a whipping action may be helpful, what I mean is to run rod out in front of puddle just a little and then back into puddle. Weld should look flatter and slag should look somewhat covering weld but not totaly like other rods. If your weld deposit is large or pregnant you may want to turn up amps and or move quicker.

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      The welder is probably your problem it's open circuit voltage is low making it harder to weld. Your welding voltage is probably a little low also making the amps have less force.
      Many of the rod manipulations common with industrial stick welders could be hard to do without higher open circuit voltage.


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        Yep, I was afraid of that, but I think you have a point. It's what I suspected, but was afraid to think. I think that's why it's so hard to strike an arc w/o it sticking to the work.

        All the amp figures quoted here and elsewhere must be for 220v setups. But I'll try Jerry's idea tomorrow. The front of the welder recommends 5/64" rods, so I'll give them a shot, although I can only find them in 6013. Thanks for the ideas!