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  • SputterSpark

    Hello and SOS:

    I just bought a nearly new (I was told) NAPA 110v 100A portable cranktop arc welder. 20% duty cycle @ 100A output, 26.6A draw.

    The problem is I can't puddle for over 1-2 seconds on clean 1/8" mild steel using 6011 3/32" sticks. Just a weak puppy puddle. I got a few flashes of a good weld.

    It's connected directly to a 30A breaker in the main box, and according to an OL wiring calculator, the wiring size is more than adequate for a 90' run (2-#10 runs doubled up).

    I've never used a small arcer before, and I realize this is a dinky welder. Still, it seems like I should be able to puddle for more than 1-2 sec w/o restriking the arc. I have gathered from the forums that the 6011 rod is probably the wrong choice for a rusty welder like me, but the 6011 is supposed to be AC/DC. Internal connections OK. I looked for a bigger 110v breaker to compesate for the long run, but no luck.

    Thanks alot,

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    What is the thickness if your base metal?
    What diameter rod?
    Cleanliness of metal?

    Stick with stick


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      1/8" clean base metal, 3/32" rod.
      From what I've been hearing, 3/32" is too big for this dinky welder, but 1/16" is too small. The front of the welder recommends 5/64, but I can't seem to find that.


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        stick mate

        Taylord, I have used a 90 amp welder and it was **** hard!!
        Ican relate to hard to start arcs and tall unreagular beads. But then I got a Hobart Stick Mate. (235AC/160DC). If you ever plan to weld any thing 1/8 or bigger, a "BUZZ BOX" will surve you well. And dont worry about the setup, It is easy to make an extension cord to fit your dried outlet.


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          About finding 5/64. I know for a fact that Lincoln Electric makes some 6013 5/64. Got mine at lowes in case you where wondering. They come in this little round container And 6011 is not the smoothest stick to run, 6013 will be your best bet.


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            Thanks for the big tip, but Lowes isn't around here, so I'll have to find 'em on the internet. They did have a nice Lincoln 135 for $397! But I agree, a 220v unit is probably the way to go.