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bad place for slag

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  • bad place for slag

    I am having trouble with slag. I am using 5/32 6011, 120/130 AC on 1/4 mild steel, butt welds mostly. The weld looks good besides the slag on the side of the weld. 6011 is pesky for slag but this was abnormal. I scraped and hammerd but the slag would not break up. when I grinded the weld down to have a good look I saw that the salg in each side of the weld was below the base metal. Under cutting I guess. Is this bad, or just cosmetic? Will DC help any?

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    wagon tracks

    sounds like you are having what is refered to as wagon tracks, it is pretty common with 60ll but you can eliminate it, it just takes practice, try lowering you temp. just a spec. I assume that you are not welding to hold pressure since you are using this rod so I wouldnt worry to much about it. Just put a wire wheel on your grinder and buff it up. 60ll is hard to get rid of all the slag unless it is ran perfect and even then their are rods out there that make cleaner welds.
    doin the best I can with what I got