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  • 6030 rod

    Has any one ever herd of 6030 rod. I read about it in some ancient book. It said that this particular rod was lo slag, good for groove welds. i tried to get some but could not get any one to recognize it. Can any one help me here?

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    Probably talking about a 6020 rod. I found it in a 25 year old electrode guide published by Airco. Was for deep groove welds and fillet welds. Designed for pressure vessel work. Came in 3/16-3/8 diameters! required BIG machine! 3/16 ran 175-250 and the 3/8 450-600 amps. Bet that was loud!


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      I am sure that it is 6030, Iwant to say I saw it in a lincoln cataloge also but I can't remember. I will try to find that book.


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        I have no doubt that you saw 6030 rod listed in a old catalog.
        When I was learning to weld, the shop instructor explained that the xx1x series was all position rod, the xx2x series is for horizontal fillet and flat work, and the xx3x series is for flat only.
        Funny thing is, we never had any xx3x rod to work with, so maybe it was being phased-out at that time
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          In that case it was probably related to the 6020 which is multi-position. My 1976 catalog didn't list it so it must have become obsolete by then. Sounds like a rod that most hobbyist welders wouldn't be able to use due to the amp requirements anyway.