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  • Bad wire

    When I bought my current MIG welder, it came with a partial spool of .035 wire. The wire had some slight corrosion on the surface, so I spooled off the bad part. I have been playing with the machine ever since, using some good .023 and .030 wire as well as the .035. When I had to refill my C-25 cylinder, I decided to get a new spool of wire. I couldn't believe the difference in the welds it made! Much better appearance and smoother and more stable arc. Just goes to show that you don't save any money using poor materials.

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    I had a similar experience with a used 110 mig I bought about 6 years ago. Turns out the guy I bought it from had stored it under a rack that held some opened oil containers. I guess the oil dripped down and contaminated the exposed spool. I ended up having to replace the liner as well as the wire. Worked like a champ after that!