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  • regulator and torch parts

    First let me say that I am aware of the liabilaties and hazards of what I am asking so I dont need advice on that . It takes at least two weeks here to get a regulator or torch repaired and about that or more to send it off. I personally know the guy that does the repairs for the supply house and I feel more comfortable with me doing the repairs than I do with him doing them. So what I would like to know is there any place I can get parts for my regulators and torch such as diphragm and valve and seat kits.

    Thanks for your help.
    doin the best I can with what I got

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    What brands? Hane you contacted the manufacturer? I have bought valves for my Victor torches in the past. Most larger welding suppliers have them.


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      Try I have never purchased anything from them yet, but they gave me quotes on repair kits for several makes of torches. Their prices appear to be fairly reasonable. If their website isn't working (just tried it and it wasn't....maybe a problem on my end) you can request repair parts information from them by e-mail at [email protected]


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        Not sure where Childress is, but if you're anywhere near the Dallas area give these guys a call:

        The Torch & Gauge Shop (972) 647-9084
        2350 NW Dallas St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

        They're a small shop that has been around longer than I have. I don't know what the policy is on selling kits or repair parts, but I know they have a reasonable turn around time for repairs. Most importantly, they KNOW their business.