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Hardfacing grinding????

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  • Hardfacing grinding????

    Once you hardface something what can you grind it to a point with? Example: plow point
    Todd Eldridge
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    Grinding work well with hard wire, the "non machinable" electrodes really should be called "machinable by grinding only" electrodes.
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    Edward Heimbach


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      hardface grinding

      I used some chrome carbide rods that I bought from the local farm supply store before it went out of business. The deposit wasn't as hard as I'd hoped (able to be dented by a slag pick); but it sure does eat up the grinding wheels when I shape it. The best way to conserve a wheel if you can't afford a bunch of them is to grind a little at a time so the wheel doesn't get too hot and melt away the binder. I would love to hardface with tungsten carbide, but I can't find the rods at the store.
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