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DIY guy with mig weld question

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  • DIY guy with mig weld question

    Century welder, mig 110 volt 90 Amps. Im trying to weld thin walled tube .095. Fillet welds are good but butt welds are poor. I keep blowing through the wall. Lower the amps and I get worms with poor penetration. Up the amps and spot weld seems to be the only way I can get this puppy to work. Recommended settings on the welder don't even come close. MIld steel, cleaned and using AR C02 75 25 with .030 solid wire. Question 1, do you try to do strings on this thin walled stuff? I've tried strings, weaving, spot welding. Ideas???

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    I see on the car shows on TV guys MIG welding exhaust tubing, so it can be done.... Maybe try .023 wire?...
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      Do the spot welds and keep up the practice. The "thin" material is exacerbated by working on two adjoining edges (butt joint). A lap or fillet joint allows you to focus on the non-edge piece and wash the heat into the edge at an easier pace. .023" wire may give you more flexibility, but .030" is very capable of this. Make sure your material is free from contaminants so it welds quickly.