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  • Dayton 3z562

    This is a Dayton model 3z562 welder i unearthed out of my inlaws garage. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Its slightlt rusty on the outside but clean on the inside. Any info would be helpful Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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    I am sorry I don't know much but I will try to search for it online for you. If you're looking for a tool to summarise your paragraphs but can't seem to find one, try this one: It makes it simple to do so i also use this website to summarise my paragraphs.
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      I'm not sure what you want to know, but...before I tell you what I think I can from that one louse picture, is you haven't found/ got the lost arc of the covenant. Nor gold or a thing of great value let alone beauty.
      It's a AC transformer, probably single phase but could be a 3 phase it's hard to say with out seeing the mfg. tag, it's got a high and low amps range plugs and it good for 295 amps on a good day, sun shining with blue skies. It could use some small repairs to the plugs and cables, and if it works, I'm guessing it will, if you talk fast you could sell it but would find few who would take it. One man's opinion.


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        Probably not much out there... Lot of Dayton products where "contract made" and lasted maybe a few years before Dayton (A Grainger brand) was replaced with new design from different manufacturer.... Best luck maybe GOOGLE SEARCH for the sites....

        I found a few links but the stupid forum software tagged my post as needing approval because it didn't like the link addresses, and system operator has not always been good about monitoring site and approving some postings....‚Äč
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