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Can't see joint/puddle

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  • Can't see joint/puddle

    I'm new to welding. Using a KT Industries 4-1073 gen II helmet. For the life of me I cannot get the settings to where I can see the puddle because the arc is too bright. Not damaging or dangerous, just too bright for me to see through it to the puddle/joint. What am I missing? I've tried adjusting the shade setting, to no avail.
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    I can't answer and others here likely will have ideas, but add this info to your question first..........

    1. What process are you using (stick, mig, tig, fluxcore)? What machine?

    2. What are you trying to weld (mild steel, bedframe, rebar, aluminum, sheet metal)? How thick is it?

    3. What electrode type and diameter if stick? What wire if mig or fluxcore? What current? AC or DC if stick? If DC stick, what polarity DCEN or DCEP?

    4. What settings have you been using? Amps? Wire speed (if mig or fluxcore)?

    The devil is in details........


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      Ditto on the details. We need them.

      Also, what is the condition of your ambient light? The darker the room and work area, the brighter (relatively) the arc will be, regardless of shade setting.

      That said, be prepared for bad news. Most of us are using hoods that cost a few hundred dollars. You are asking about one that costs about $50.


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        I have old eyes and I was having trouble seeing so I bought a Lincoln 3350 with C4 technology. They are not cheap helmets. It helped a lot for me.
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