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Handler 210 MVP Not powering on with 210 plug

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  • Handler 210 MVP Not powering on with 210 plug

    I’m new to this forum, hope I don’t do something I’m not supposed to, but I have a Hobart handler 210 mvp that I rarely use but I had always used it with 110v but now I’ve wired my garage with 220v and it won’t turn on on 110 only one did I hear the fan come on but I some how turnt it off and now it won’t work can any one please walk me through this?

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    Have you checked your 240V receptacle to see if you actually have 240V there.... We need to know if power source is good before we start diagnosing the welder....
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      Well not an electrician but plugged a pressure washer that it takes 240 and it worked, sorry if it not a solid answer for you


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        Will it work when plugged back in to the 120V receptacle?


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          Sorry for taking so long to reply so I tested the switch and it definitely has 230 on both ends when on I also banged on CR6 powers off and that didn’t work.
          I keep on reading to Reset supplementary protector/ power switch. how do I do that ? And I think CB1 stays open


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            And yes it works on 120