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    This should be moved to the bottom of the page where it belongs, would self correct a lot of problems if it wasnt on the top. General should be on the top, in fact when they sent survey about the changes to this site it was kind of after the fact and self serving. I never did like it after they change from the 3 simple things. Now some of thos3e catagories are a waste of space and even make it look lame when no traffic on them for so long.

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    And a real frustration is that people drop in to first page they find, which is this and post here, and many posts are no valid in this section, and administration does not move post made in error to this section to proper section....
    "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..


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      Unfortunately I don't have the ability to adjust the order of the sub forums. I will pass this suggestion on to the team. Dale you have a great point, as the admin I'll try and do a better job of moving the posts out of this section and into the correct one.