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Hobart Expert - How long til images disappear from posts?

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  • Hobart Expert - How long til images disappear from posts?

    Hi Hobart Expert: I was looking at some older posts (2010 or so) and the images are gone now. Does this board remove images after a certain length of time? These aren't images that were linked and go to a dead link. Looks like the images were embedded in the post (?), but vanished. Is this a storage space thing on the board? Here's an example, see the first post on the thread:


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    May times through software up grades images are left behind because newer editions of forum software either no longest supports the methods which images were provided in earlier editions, or maybe glitch (crash) in system lost the images, and some times images are linked from other sources, and that source dries up so link became invalid....And maybe a dozen other reasons, and not be cause of the actual web page (board/forum)...
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      I'm not 100% sure that we have a specific policy on images being removed, It could be that the images were hosted on a different site although in this case it looks like they may have been uploaded right to the forum. It's very likely that what dale said is the case here, there have probably been at least 10 forum updates since 2010 and I believe the whole forum may have been migrated to a different platform at some point during that time period.


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        In case they are missing, I'll re-post a couple pics I uploaded around 1921. I think it was in the "Is arc welding for real?" forum.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	arc welding 1921 2..jpg
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Name:	arc welding 1921.jpg
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ID:	712926
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