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    We were kind of polled when it was changed years ago,,, when it was busier but it was kind of after the fact after the decisions had been made. This question about support should have been at the bottom, seems it would be obvious by now,,,. admin was put first and content followed.
    Its got so many fuggin forums I dont look at all of them, some I might even be inclined to participate but I am not scrolling they all of them and some got no posts in years. What I likes about it in the first place was products projects and something else, I cant recall now but it was simple. Miller kept it that way but the motorsports part is lame.
    Lots of forums have tanked it seems and some of the spin offs have become something else and the owners have other interests and the off topic has really spun them in to the toilet as to lose 1/2 their members.
    I liked this, wouldnt mind seeing it grow past half a dozen that look regular, used to have hundreds. I would have looked in to the survey, not cause I am looking to 25$ but being a career welder who's work has slid more similar in nature to the type found by a lot of hobby types I can identify,,, but didnt see it due to clutter and not going to pick thru a dozen rarely used subs to find it.

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    Definitely appreciate the feedback, we always want to make sure the experience matches what users expect from us and feedback like this lets us know when that isn't the case.


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      What did I just say?


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        Forums are too niche so posts get lost. Some of the sub forums are so niche there haven't been any posts in years.


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          Yes, that was the point. Get rid of that crap and make 2 or 3 that are busy, the same ones get used anyway. I just dont look at them all and would read most everything if it was within 3 or so like it was originally.


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            Have You ever heard of ? Just food for thought.


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              For Hobart (ITW corporate) this board is overhead that they hope results in sales. As a hobbyist I stumbled on to this board more than 10 years ago. Since then I bought several Hobart or Miller products, largely because of the 'good vibes' of this board. Hobart created a community here.

              Like Sberry says the off-topic chatter is zero (I'm here to read about welding and only welding). There have been several knowledgeable and patient senior members who repeatedly answer the same questions from beginners. When the questions get more technical the active board members feel their oats and dig into to answer those topics. Hobart Experts chime in when needed. Board contributors are respectful of others and don’t shame readers with ‘fails’ bashing. If the rest of the world behaved like this board we’d all live in a better world.

              ITW/Hobart’s payoff? I bought retail HH135, 125EZ, Stickmate LX, MM210, and Stickmate 160i. Most of the time I buy from the LWS vs. the big box. Plus pounds of electrodes, wire, gloves, helmets of Hobart/Miller. My only cheating on Hobart was a tombstone ac/dc machine I found at a bargain.


              Hobart 160i
              Lincoln 225/125 AC/DC


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                I bought 2 machines primarily due to the boards. They were blue. I have sold a lot of Hobarts.
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