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  • What is the first step?

    Well I got it fired up with no issues. Everything seems to be okay. The wire feed was a little sticky at first. Stick doesn’t engage, almost like there was no contact. Opened the little door and got a wooden stick, pushed on the contact arm and bingo..we got arc. Not really sure where to go from here. I try searching the web for info, nothing. Tried calling around to see if anyone could service it, nobody. What do you think, why do I have to manually push that contact close for it to operate properly.

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    Please use the actual subject for the subject line.

    What is supposed to trigger the contactor? Does voltage get applied to the coil of the contactor, but it doesn't engage? In which case, replace the contactor.


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      My first thought would be to do some cleaning and polishing on all contact surfaces and "bolted" connections, the corrosion I am seeing is probbl your worst nightmare.....

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