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210 MVP Gas valve not opening.

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  • 210 MVP Gas valve not opening.

    Hi guys, i bought a Hobart 210mvp in April and finally got around to assembling it. I have it hooked up to a 220 outlet. All seems well except when I tried to lay my first bead. No shielding gas was coming out. I have gas up till the gas valve and nothing past that. I have 50v AC to the relay when i pull the trigger on the gun. It does not click at all. Should voltage be higher at the pins to the relay? Trying to avoid finding a place to take it in to warranty but will if i have to. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Believe valve is a 216-607 and it should be 24 VDC....

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      The gas valve on this unit is a 24Vdc valve like Dale indicated.


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        Okay i do have 24v dc to the relay, so looks like the relay is bad right out of the box. Will Hobart make me take the welder in to a certified repair facility or will they just send out a new part?


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          Please email your serial number and shipping information to [email protected] and we can help you out. When you say relay, you are referring to the gas valve, correct?


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            Correct, the gas valve does nothing when voltage is applied. Thanks for the help Keith.


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              It is an easy fix. My valve conked out after about 2 years of regular shop use. I can't hear much but the boss told me the welder was hissing. Sure enough, even the regulator was frosting up. In that case the valve was wide open. Every other time I have heard of a valve going bad it wouldn't open, or would close shortly after opening. Well, sometimes couldn't close all of the way because of some rubber or grit from the hose made it's way into the little opening.
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